Presentation of the Association

Presenting association Eclosion bleue mission is to find funds needed to create additional educational structure and ameliorate hardware of education structure already existing in partnership with States. The association bring his expertise and his knowledge about new technologies existing and forthcoming. It will support other associations, educational structure, health structure and Public powers to permit children and adults affected by PDD to build and broad field of possibilities. This will improve family living environment and avoid isolation.


Introducing Eclosion Bleue team

Name: David Teixeira
Function: Founding President of Eclosion Bleue
Description: Father of a ten years old autistic boy. Why start my introduction like that ? Because I learned what autism is thanks to this experiment (experience) and interrogation asked when I learned that Axel was autism.

That was not easy to apprehend this and I didn’t understand why my son has to suffer that. I had a sense of abandonment and had a mountain to climb to help my son. Life is unfair and that is an example of his inequity.

If my boy wasn’t autistic I didn’t have to get some information about autism and I will never have been so benevolent opposite of this problematic. I created Eclosion Bleue association because I saw my son happy to go to school and saw him evolved day after day thanks to multidisciplinary teams. Saw him motivate with a thirst for learning gave me an immense joy and permit me to apprehend his future more easily.

Unfortunately, few parents of autistic children had these joy and leaved in uneasiness with the issue of autonomy. I admit that I ever had this fear buried in me. It weighs on me, but it calms me to know he at school. It is not easy every day, but this allow for a certain normalcy in everyday life.

I am scandalized to know that only 20% of autistic children are provided with formal education. 4 children out of 5 stays at home surrounded by their family. Unfortunately, these children had a problem to socialize and stayed at home didn’t help them to come out to their loneliness, which does not allow them to enjoy about freedom, equality and fraternity, currency so dear to our country. Family had a very important role on his development but it can be destructive if it’s not a choice.

The purpose of the association Eclosion Bleue is clear : find the necessary funds to create specialized educational institution with a program allowing a gradual return to general education as soon as possible. I’m convinced that these children had so much to make us discover and understand that it’s a shame to leave them at home. So I decided to fight to change things at my level. To complete the challenge to provide with formal education autistic or PDD children, I can’t be alone and I invite you to go in the rubric “Help us” in order to support us in our actions.