Partners in the outbreak

Linesport is a fitness roon. Linesport’s welcoming team is graduated of state concerning « Handisport » (sport for disabled people) and Bafa (children’s entertainment). The team provides advices, kindness and accompaniment in a large panel of activities and materials wich are compatible for people with disabling or autism !

The association « Les Scénarios De Charli » (Charli’s scenarios) was founded for 9 years by Mr. Arnaud Legrand, Charli’s dad, Charli is autistic. This association’s project is to create a place dedicated to sharing, meeting and entertainment suitable for everybody (including autistic people) in harmony with nature. It’s future place, a park will be 4000m2. Moreover, another project of the association is to develop places painted in green. Naturally, Eclosion Bleue will support these project wich will be suitable for all.


Apporte son aide et son écoute pour la création graphique des moyens de communication de l 'association.

Réseau Bulle 60 is a network of mutual aid and soloidarity for famillies and people concerned by autism.

La banque Crédit  Agricole Brie Picardie est un soutien pour nos futurs événements.

Compiègne’s BGE supports the Eclosion Bleue’s projects. We thanks them for their advices and their availability when we created the association.